This release includes several enhancements to improve your productivity building applications, plus a limited beta release of Triggered Actions.

Formula Field Enhancements to Support Composite Keys

In Table Design, it is now possible to set Formula Fields as Unique. This capability was highly requested in the Caspio Ideabox and is often referred to as a “composite key” – where you can create a unique field by combining multiple fields (which may or may not be unique) to prevent duplicates in the database.

Let’s say you want to set a database restriction that prevents a user from submitting more than one record per day – for a contest, timesheet, or voting application for example. As shown in the image below, you can create a unique Formula Field combining the email address (or username) of the person and the date submitted. In this scenario, the web form will not allow the same person to submit an additional record during the same day.

Learn more about Formula Fields.

Bulk Actions for Improved DataPage Management

To save you time when performing the same action on several DataPages, we have introduced a Bulk Actions menu option on the DataPage listing screen. To use bulk actions, select the checkboxes next to the relevant DataPages and choose from one of the available bulk actions: Deploy, Duplicate, Move and Delete.

Expandable Editing Area in Datasheets

To make it easier to work with long text in datasheets we have added the ability to expand text fields. Simply drag the lower right corner of the text field to expand the editing area.

REST API Enhancement for Audit Logs

A new optional header parameter named Principal is added to REST APIs. For Compliance editions of Caspio the value of this parameter will be considered the ID of the user making the call and it is stored in audit logs.

Triggered Actions (Beta)

Triggered Actions provide the ability to perform actions based on data insert, update and delete.  Initially, the actions will be related to updating records in the same or other tables but we will be adding other actions such as generating email and SMS messages or performing API calls, etc.

At the current time this feature will be offered to a limited number of existing beta users for the purposes of evaluating and providing feedback. The general availability of Triggered Actions are expected to be in the next release.

Bug Fixes

45285FilesFixed issue displaying large number of files in folders
48352Rendered DataPagesFixed vertical alignment issue for List Data Type fields rendered as delimited values
47228, 46829MessagesFixed issues with viewing and deleting account Messages
47274DataPage WizardFixed issue assigning a value to virtual fields during on-load events
46899Rendered DataPagesFixed validation issue for date/time values in 24-hour format
47593Automatic EmailsFixed data sorting issue in notification emails of bulk actions
48283Rendered DataPagesFixed sorting issue for calculated fields with SQL subquery
44939Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with inserting record on Report page when AJAX is enabled

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