This page lists product areas and functions that are affected by the Caspio 37.0 release.

Triggered Actions and Tasks Using the Same Table for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE and FOR EACH Blocks

In Caspio 37.0, we updated the validation process for Triggered Actions and Tasks to address performance issues related to trigger loops. As a result, existing Triggered Actions and/or Tasks might be affected if they meet all the conditions outlined below:

  • Include an IF and THEN block.
  • Use a FOR EACH block within the IF and THEN block.
  • Include an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE block within the FOR EACH block that inserts or deletes records in the same table used in the FOR EACH block.

Triggered Actions and Tasks that meet the above condition do not execute after the 37.0 release; a runtime error prevents data from being submitted to the table (shown below).


Sample Triggered Action logic that meets all the criteria for the error to appear.

Required Actions

To minimize the impact on your deployed applications, action is required.

Follow the steps below to update your Triggered Actions and/or Tasks to avoid using the same table for both INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE and FOR EACH blocks:

  1. Edit your impacted Triggered Action and/or Task objects.
  2. Create a Table Variable using the SELECT statement currently used in the FOR EACH block.
  3. Use the Table Variable directly in the FOR EACH block.
  4. Validate and save the changes.

Proposed Triggered Action logic that solves the problem.

If you need assistance, please contact Caspio Support.