Beginning on October 3, 2022, Caspio deprecated SOAP API Web Services and this option was removed from API profile creation screen.

To give users more time for preparation, we postponed the retirement of this feature to December 1, 2024. Existing SOAP applications will continue to function until then. After this date, the Caspio SOAP API will no longer execute. We strongly recommend migrating any existing SOAP calls to Caspio’s REST API to avoid interrupting your applications and to benefit from modern API technology. Alternatively, you can disable or delete any active SOAP profiles.

Perform the following actions as applicable to your account:

  1. From the main menu, select AccountAccess Permissions. Click the Web services profiles tab.
  2. In the list, identify all profiles where the protocol is SOAP and the status is Active.
  3. For each active SOAP API profile, decide if you want to migrate it to REST or disable the profile:
    If you want to migrate a profile to REST API,

    ...perform the following actions:

    1. Create a REST API profile.
    2. Use the new credentials and endpoints to connect your external application to your Caspio account. Review your applications and modify the API calls to utilize REST API instead of SOAP.
    If you want to disable or delete a profile,...hover over the profile and click Disable or Delete.