System parameters are values about your application's environment that are provided by Caspio in case you need them in your application.

The Caspio System Parameters listed below can be used in a variety of areas such as in HTML blocks, headers, footers, URLs, emails, field labels, etc. and usually the Insert button  signifies the availability of parameters. When you use the insert button to add a parameters, Caspio automatically places the parameter's notation at your cursor.

Caspio System Parameters

Parameter NameParameter NotationDescription
Timestamp[@cbTimestamp]Inserts the current server date, time or date and time. Time zone depends on the localization of a given DataPage. Learn more.
Host URL[@cbHostURL]Full URL string of the web page where the DataPage is embedded. This parameter includes the entire URL.
Host Page[@cbHostPage]Part of the URL string of where the DataPage is embedded. Does not include any parameters that may be on the URL. Characters after "?" in the URL are removed.
Host Domain[@cbHostDomain]Domain name of where the DataPage is embedded.
Client IP[@cbIP]IP address of the app user. Note that this is the publicly visible IP address of the user's network.
Protocol[@cbProtocol]Protocol used by the app user to access the page. It can be HTTP or HTTPS.
Bridge Server[@cbBridgeServer]The Caspio server URL that served the DataPage.
User Agent[@cbUserAgentString]Part of User Agent string that contains only the browser information.
Browser[@cbUserAgent]Part of User Agent string. Contains only the browser information.
App Name[@AppName]Name of the app to which the DataPage belongs. Not available if the DataPage is not part of an app.