Localization control the language and culture of your applications so you can create applications that communicate in the language of its audience and display numbers, dates, etc. according to the local standards.

Caspio provides a selection of popular localization templates that are fully customizable. Additionally, you can create new Localizations in other languages.

You assign Localization to DataPages during DataPage creation and editing processes.

Localized Text

  • Messages – Errors, warnings and other messages that appear in your DataPages. Examples include “This field is required.” In forms, “No records found” in a Search and Report, etc.
  • Buttons – Button captions such as “Submit” on Submission Forms, “Search” on search forms, and “Add” on Results Pages.
  • Label and Markers – Labels for record navigations, aggregation such as total, average, record paging, etc.
  • Record Actions – Include links that appear on Results Pages, such as “View Details” or “Edit”.

Time Zones

In Localization you can specify a time zone which will be used when timestamping records.

Formatting Standards

You can also choose the display and input format of dates, time, number, currency, percent and yes/no values.

Note: Caspio uses Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding for all DataPages. For localization to work properly UTF-8 must be specified in the meta tag of your host web pages:
<meta charset="UTF-8">

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