Many factors affect the amount of time required to import a data file and there are steps that you can take to make it go faster.

  1. File size: Currently each file should be 150 MB or smaller. Compress the file in ZIP format for faster upload. Split larger files into smaller data sets. Very large data sets can be uploaded into your account through our Expert services. Inquire from support.
  2. Table activity: Appending to, or replacing data of existing tables when they are used in apps and are actively accessed can be slow due to record locking. Try to schedule these activities when app usage is at its minimum. Look into using Data import/export tasks for scheduling imports.
  3. Design changes: Do not modify the design of the Table or associated Views when an import is in progress. These changes can interfere with the import and slow it down.
  4. Internet connection: Many internet service providers have significantly lower upload bandwidth than download. This may be your case if the wizard is stuck on file upload and does not proceed to the next screen.
  5. Verify process is not frozen: If your wizard screen is stuck on "Import in progress" and you are not sure if records are actually being added or not, close the wizard and open the table. Note the number of records. Then refresh every few minutes and see if the number of records is increasing. If yes, your data is being inserted and the process is not hung. Just wait for it to finish.
    If the process is frozen, normally in one to two hours the automated system will terminate the hanging import and allow for the next one. If in two hours the import or task is not terminated, contact the Caspio Support team to terminate the task from the backend.
  6. If you have tried importing your files a few times and are still unable to finish it properly, the Caspio Support team can help you. If the import is manual, attach your file to a support ticket and specify if it's import as new, append or replace. We will try to load it for you at no charge. Be sure to grant us permission to sign in to your account and be aware that when we sign in to your account your session expires.

If your import is a data import task in Caspio Data import/export tasks open a ticket and provide us with the name of the task. We will look into it and address any potential issues.