Caspio Bridge allows you to change each default button of your Style with an image. You can create your button images yourself using any image editing software.

There are also several online button image generators:

AsButtonGen  – provides several glassy type button styles with many options

  1. After you have created or generated image replacements, navigate to the Styles listing of  Caspio Bridge. Select the Style associated with your DataPage and click Edit.
  2. On the Define Style Settings, in the DataPage Elements panel, find the Forms/Details section. Click Buttons and find the element type called Image Replacements. In this section, you can activate image replacements for the basic buttons. Click the checkbox to the left of the button name, and insert the URL of your image into the field to the right. You may not be able to see the image immediately in the preview window.
  3. Click Save to save the style and click Preview to view the updated Style in real time.