This release includes new features, minor enhancements, and bug fixes.

Release Notes


Formula Fields in Tables

A new “Formula” data type now supports calculations at the table level. In Table Design, you can create Formula fields using functions, constants, and values from other fields in the same record.

Formula fields automatically calculate values based on your defined expression whenever records are inserted or updated in the table (through Table Datasheet, DataPages, Data Import, Data Import/Export Tasks, or API).

Watch the video below to see how to create formula fields in Caspio:

If you don’t need to store the calculated values in your tables, you can still use Calculated Fields to compute values on-the-fly and display them in Reports and Details Pages.

This feature is available in all plans.

Learn more about Formula Fields.

Fixed Columns in Reports

To improve usability of Tabular Reports with lengthy or wide search results, you can now enable “Fixed Columns” to keep a certain number of columns within view at all times. Similar to enabling Sticky Header Row, a new option for Fixed Columns has been added to the Report DataPage wizard.

You can also customize the behavior of Fixed Columns in the Styles wizard, such as the divider line styling and the minimum scroll width.

This feature is available in all plans and applies to Tabular Reports only.

Learn more about Fixed Columns.

Formatting and Localization for Data Downloads

Prior to this release, data downloaded from Report DataPages contained no formatting. Starting in version 9.4, downloaded files can follow the same formatting settings as shown on the DataPage. This feature is available in all plans.

New POST Option in SAML Single Sign-On

In SAML single sign-on authentication, we have added a new “POST” method (in addition to the previous “Redirect” method). This feature is available in Corporate plans and higher.


  • Sticky Header Row (released in version 9.2) is now also available in Pivot Table Reports.
  • Password Recovery DataPages now have the ability to insert fields and parameters in the Destination Page URL.
  • To protect data integrity, lookup tables used as Display Values in Relationships can no longer be detached from Apps.
  • The width of the Bulk Edit dialog has been increased to reduce instances of horizontal scrollbars.
  • This release also includes security and compatibility updates.


29699DataPagesFixed issue in cascading elements, where child values did not filter properly when parent field was a radio button.
26173Automatic EmailsFixed issue in notification emails, where emails did not send if the “To” address was a field parameter containing multiple emails separated by semicolon.
28188Caspio User InterfaceFixed issue in DataPage Wizard, where Prefixed Autonumber fields did not display in the parameter picker options for text fields.
28457DataPagesFixed issue in Report DataPages, where “Edit” and “Delete” icons did not display on mobile devices.
28557DataPagesFixed issue in Details Pages with Virtual Fields, where assigned default values did not insert properly in dropdown and radio button fields.

Fixed issue in Reports with Sticky Header Row enabled, where report did not align properly when using

tags to center the DataPage.
29240RelationshipsFixed issue in Table Relationships dialog, where enabling Display Values caused a delay.
29148Data Import/Export TasksFixed issue in scheduled import of Excel files, where Text(255) fields containing both letters and numbers did not import when first row contained field names.
29030DataPagesFixed issue in Reports with Grid Edit enabled, where data in hidden fields was blank if the row was edited, saved, and re-edited again.
29496DataPagesFixed issue in Tabular Reports with Inline Insert enabled, where cascading elements did not filter child values properly in dropdown fields.
29680DataPagesFixed issue in Report search forms, where cascading listboxes with multi-select enabled did not filter properly.
30185Automatic EmailsFixed issue in notification emails, where values from Calculated Fields did not load in fields inserted into the email body.
29979Caspio User InterfaceFixed issue in DataPage Wizard, where Image Resizer settings were not saved correctly after editing.
29292DataPagesFixed issue in Reports with Sticky Header Row enabled, where the header displayed incorrectly when deployed to WordPress and viewed in IE 11.
29397PDF ReportsFixed issue in PDF Reports, where emails did not send if the “mailto” parameter began or ended with a semicolon.
24319Import/ExportFixed issue in Import/Export, where Views created or edited during version 8.3 could not be re-imported.
29401DataPagesFixed issue in parameters, where fields from authentication data source containing HTML did not render as properly in the DataPage Header/Footer.
28761Caspio User InterfaceFixed issue in editing or importing certain DataPages created prior to the introduction of Sections.
28416DataPagesFixed issue in Reports with Inline Edit enabled, where incorrect error appeared when updating records containing Date/Time hidden fields without a default value.
30299REST APIFixed issue in REST API, where searching for some keywords using “LIKE” operator did not return proper results.


Refer to the 9.4 Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.


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