Reports are multi-page, feature-rich DataPages. You can configure a Report DataPage to have a search form, a results page, and a details page. For example, a Report DataPage allows your end users to use an interactive search form to filter the data they wish to view on the results page and use the details page to view additional information. You can also apply Record Level Security to restrict access to records based on the current user’s profile data.

With the Report DataPage wizard, you can configure your report to have the following features:

  • An ad-hoc search or pre-configured criteria, including distinct records criteria filtering 
  • Downloadable search results
  • Calculations, including totals and aggregation, in your fields
  • Search by distance on your interactive search forms
  • CAPTCHA, HTML blocks, header and footers, and virtual fields
  • Acknowledgement or notification emails sent automatically
  • Password-protected applications for any number of users with Record Level Security
  • An Authentication to restrict user access or a Connection to integrate ID Services
  • Files and images
  • Google maps that show location-based data using our mashup tool
  • Interactive sorting, jump-to-options and automatic paging

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