As a standard practice, you can map every document template field with a single field in a table or view. However, there is a unique case in which you can map several Text fields of a document template to the same table or view field, using only part of the target value in each of the document template fields. 

For example, a US Social Security Number (SSN) has 9 digits, which are usually stored in one table field, but can be divided into three PDF template fields. To reflect that, map the first template field to characters 1-3, the second field to characters 4-6, and so on.  

Steps to map many template fields with a part of value of a data source field:

  1. In a template, select the Click to map link for any field on the right panel or click any field in the PDF file preview to map the PDF field elements 
  2. From the Mapping type dropdown, select Data source field. 
  3. From the Data source field dropdown, select a table or view field to be mapped with a PDF field. 

    Note: Do not map the Password data type fields. 

    The Mapping section showing the controls for using only part of the value in the data source field.

  4. In the Use characters setting, divide the value into multiple template fields by entering your range of used characters.
  5. Click Next field to map another field or Save to confirm your changes to the template.