In directories, you can customize the security policy settings according to your requirements. The password security settings in directories enforce a reliable user sign-in process. 


  1. In your directory, click the Security tab. 
  2. From the left menu, select Password. 
  3. In the Security policy section, specify the number of Failed sign-in attempts allowed before the account is locked.
    Range: 2-10.  
  4. From the Minimum password length slider, select the required minimum number of password characters.
    Range: 8-20. 
  5. From the Number of previous passwords restricted from use slider, select how many consecutive historical passwords are not allowed.
    Range: 1-10 
  6. Optional: If you want the users’ passwords to expire:
    1. Turn on Enforce password expiration. 
    2. From the Password expiration cycle (days) slider, select the number of days after which you want passwords to expire.
      Range: 30-365 
    3. If you want users to receive a reminder about an upcoming password expiration, turn on Send a reminder and choose the number of days before password expiration to send the email reminder. 
      Range: 1-7 
  7. Click Save.