To give an app user the possibility to generate PDF documents based on mapped templates, you need to insert it on Results or Details DataPages. Generated documents can be downloaded as a file or opened in a new tab of a browser.

Note: Templates must be mapped with the same data source as a DataPage.

You can check which DataPages are using your template in the Used in DataPages column of the Document Templates page.


Steps to add a template to a page:

  1. Go to your Reports or Calendar DataPage and select Edit. 
  2. Go to Configure Details Page Fields or Configure Results Page Fields screen.
  3. Use the picker  to insert Generate PDF.

  1. In the Template field, select a template to be used for PDF generation.
  2. Configure the options:
    • Label – instructional text which displays to the left or on top of the PDF generation link
    • File Name – the name of the generated PDF file
    • Action – download or open the PDF file in a new tab
    • Display – the display of the link on a DataPage
      • DataPage Style and Localization – the link based on the Styles and Localization settings
      • Custom – custom layout of the link
        • Link – displays the name of the link on a DataPage
        • Image – displays an icon for the link on a DataPage. Users can choose an icon from the available set or add their own icon.

Note: You can create links which will consist of an icon and link, or only icon or only link.

  1. Select Finish to save the DataPage.