Whether you're just a beginner or an experienced Caspio user, you can advance your apps to improve their usability and user experience. With Tech Tips, you'll learn how to implement specific solutions based on step-by-step procedures.

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Setting the Maximum Number of Listbox Selections in Forms

Learn how to limit the number of options users can select in multiselect listboxes to make sure that their selections are relevant. You can use this solution to refine survey responses and ensure data consistency.

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Setting the Maximum Number of Listbox Selections in Forms

Use a condition to automatically change the font color in fields to make specific content stand out. Learn how to do this in Update Forms and Details Pages. read more

Learn how to allow users to collapse and expand all groups of records on the results page of a Tabular Report. This way, users can view all entries, regardless of their grouping. read more

You can adjust which navigation menu items are visible to specific types of users. In this article, we show how to do this based on user roles. read more

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