This Tech Tip comes in three parts.  You can use any or all of these articles to add a social sharing system directly to your apps.

Add a Facebook Like Button to your DataPages

Facebook has provided multiple ways to easily integrate their social sharing software directly into your DataPages.  The easiest is to use an iframe Like button.  If you want a stronger presence on Facebook this article also describes in detail how to add meta information to each of your “Likeable” web pages to create an online identity when users share your site.  For example, you can set a specific thumbnail image and page title to appear in the Facebook posts.

Add a Tweet This Link to Your Confirmation Messages

Twitter is a great way to broadcast up to the second information.  Twitter has been integrated into many public facing apps to allow users to share their actions with their followers.  Twitter has also been used in internal apps as a way to instantly communicate status updates.  This article explains how you can add a Tweet This link to the confirmation page of a Submission Form.