If the Account Owner is departing, but still available, he/she can transfer ownership in Caspio. To do so, Account Owner needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Caspio account.
  2. Navigate to the main menu bar at any screen of the Caspio platform, select Account Access Permissions.
  3. Select the desired user and click Make Account Owner.
  4. Confirm the transfer on the appearing pop-up window.
  5. A verification email is sent to your primary email address. Go to the email inbox and click the Verification link to complete the account ownership transfer.
  6. Once the ownership transfer is completed, the confirmation email is sent to your primary email address.

If an Account Owner has departed without assigning a replacement and he/she is no longer available but his/her email address is accessible, you can still refer to Caspio ID Password Reset and reset the password using the owner email. Then log in to the account and update the owner info.

If none of the above applies, you need to fill out a form and provide written authorization along with proof of identity. In order to place a request, please take the steps below:

  1. Download Caspio Owner Change Request form.
  2. Print and fill out the form.
  3. Scan the completed form along with required documents and email to billing@caspio.com. Specify subject line as Account Owner Change Request.

Note: If the required documents are not included, your request will not be completed.