If you are experiencing problems with SMS delivery, it may be due to the following issues:    

  • You do not have sufficient SMS credits. See logs to check the credit costs.  
  • The recipient country is not enabled to receive SMS in the Account Settings.  
  • You are using an invalid number – check the country code. SMS messages are not available for landline numbers.  
  • The recipient’s mobile is not within mobile range.
  • The sender name set in your account is restricted by a network operator. Avoid using generic sender names like SMS, TEXT, InfoSMS, INFO, Verify, Notify and so on.
    Some countries (for example, the UK) make their list of prohibited names openly available.
  • The message content is not valid. For example, the delivery may be affected if:  
    • There is an URL link in the body of your message.  
    • There is content related to gambling/betting/adult content in your message.  
    • Your message uses Unicode characters.  
    • Your message is split into multiple parts. Very long, multipart messages can cause problems for certain destinations.