The SMS logs allow you monitor the history SMS notifications sent from your DataPages, Triggered Actions and Tasks.

The SMS logs contain the following information:

  • Log ID – unique ID of a log.
  • Date – Date and time in the local time zone that can be configured in the account settings.
  • App name – name of an app that triggered an SMS.
  • App ID – unique ID of an app that triggered an SMS.
  • Message origin – source of SMS, that is DataPage, Triggered Action or Task.
  • Message origin name – name of a DataPage that triggered an SMS.
  • DataPage ID – Appkey of a DataPage that triggered an SMS.
  • Recipient – recipient phone number.
  • Recipient country – country of a message recipient. 
  • SMS count – number of SMS account for the sent message. Multiple SMSs are used for long messages.
  • Creditscredit cost for of each SMS message, depending on the recipient country. 
  • Status status of sent SMS, that is success or failure.

Note: SMS Notifications are available in select plans. For more information, see Caspio plans and pricing.

  • Status detailsreason why a message was not sent: 
    • Restricted recipient country – recipient country not supported by Caspio. 
    • Invalid phone number phone number does not exist or has an invalid format.
    • Daily limit reached the daily limit for sending SMS messages has been reached.
    • System error the system encountered an unexpected situation. 
    • Insufficient SMS credits – the overall limit of SMS credits has been reached.