To ensure data security, you can encrypt all PDF documents generated from a given template with a fixed password. After downloading a password-protected document, users will be able to open it only if they provide the required phrase: 

Sample dialog box that appears when opening a password-protected PDF document

This functionality provides an additional level of security in case a PDF file falls into the hands of an unintended recipient. 

For example, a manager might want to protect salary data gathered in a monthly report that is shared with other members of the management team. By setting a password on the report, the manager enables the team to access the document and prevents anyone who does not know the password from viewing its contents. 

Note: PDF Password protection is available in select Caspio plans.

Steps to encrypt a PDF document with a password:

  1. Open a template, and then click the PDF password tab. 
  2. Select the Encrypt with password checkbox. 
  3. In the Password field, enter the phrase that you want to use as the password, and then click Save. 

The PDF Password tab of a template showing the controls for configuring a password.