The following article lists the limitations present in our platform. Limits may vary based on your Caspio plan.


System parameterLimit
​Size of files uploaded through a DataPage500 MB
​Downloadable records from results set
​​500,000 zipped
50,000 unzipped
​Attachments in notification and acknowledgement emails20 MB
DataPage size550 KB
Characters in an HTML DataPage153,600
Characters in HTML Block, Header, and Footer10,000
Characters in the “To" field of a notification email200
Characters in a confirmation message4,000
Options in a dropdown or listbox field20,000
Options in a cascading dropdown or listbox field10,000
Records per page on a results page999
Grouped records per page on a results page255
Aggregations on a results page5
Calculated fields on a results page50
Calculated values in a form50
Characters in a calculated value or calculated field formula20,000
Characters in a formula field10,000
Auto-complete results10
Radio buttons from a lookup table100
Rows in a pivot table10
Columns in a pivot table200

Import and Export

System parameter Limit
Import file size 512 MB
Import – MS Excel files 255 fields
Import – CSV files 255 fields
Import – XML files 1,023 fields
Export file size 1 GB
Export – MS Excel files 65,536 records 255 fields
Export – XML files 1,023 fields
Export file name length 260 characters


System parameter Limit
​Number of simultaneous tasks run per account 6
​Scheduled import file size 50 MB
Scheduled export file size 50 MB


System parameterLimit
​Users log returned records100,000
​Payment log records retention period7 years


System parameterLimit
Number of tables in a view16
List data type – lookup items1,000
List data type – selected items1,000
List data type – items used for criteria100
List data type – fields used in criteria15
List string item character length255
List data type – items shown in a string30

Notifications and data retention

System parameterLimit
Max file storage for export and backup1 GB
​Pending import file retention period24 Hours
​Exported files retention period7 days
​Backup files retention period7 days
​Outdated success notifications7 days
Notifications in an account200
​Notifications retention period​60 days


Triggered actions and tasks

System parameter Limit
Email message size limit 5,120 KB
SMS – character length 160
SMS – non-GSM character length 70


System parameterLimit
Records returned  per call1,000
Access token lifetime24 hours
Refresh token lifetime1 year
Request URI max length2,047 characters

SMS and email

System parameter Limit
​SMS "To" field length 1,000
​SMS body length
Email "From", "To", "CC", BCC" length 998
Email recipients in all fields 50

Support PIN and links

System parameter Limit
Support PIN expiration 2 hours
Caspio ID email verification link 5 days
Account access invitation link 5 days
Two-factor authentication SMS code expiration 3 hours