The App Overview screen is the home page of your app. The screen is broken up into different sections. In the App Overview there are tabs to create, explore, and manage various objects that make up your app. In the rest of the sections, you can perform actions and view details about your application.

The Overview view of a sample application showing detailed information for the app.

  • Tips – At the top of the page you will find the tips and hints to help you use objects in building your application. Depending on the objects you currently have in the application, you will see different recommendations for the next steps.
  • App Assets Overview – A list of app objects (Tables, Deployed DataPages, Views), users and the size of your application shown in boxes. Links to guide you on creation of objects will appear at the bottom of each asset's current count.
  • App Details - Properties such as app name, version, description and logo help you share basic information about your app with other account users. This is also useful when you give a copy of your app to others.
  • App Parameters - Manage URLs and email addresses as parameters so they can be easily re-used throughout your application. You can access the App Parameters screen by clicking on the number or Manage link in the panel.
  • Notes - Post information, reminders or tasks for yourself or the team working on this app.