The Data Grouping option is available if the Formulas and Calculations feature is included in your plan. This feature allows you to group data by one or more columns in Tabular Reports. For example, you can design your tabular report such that your Customers are grouped by their Country.

When grouping by a date field, you can use the Date rollup feature to group records by a portion of the date field (such as hour, month or year).

Groups may be collapsed or expanded by default and using Totals & Aggregation feature, groups can have subtotals and aggregations. You can hide group data and only display totals and aggregation summary.

The example below shows two levels of grouping, by the Region field and the Product field.

Grouping Options

To enable data grouping, in Reports DataPage wizard go to Configure Results Page Fields screen and select a field from the DataPage Elements panel and check Enable data grouping by this field on the right.
The Grouping display dropdown provides the following options:
  • Standard results set – shows the records in a non-collapsible layout.
  • Collapsible group – provides the user the ability to collapse and expand each group.

Grouping by Date

There are additional options when grouping by date fields:
  • Whole field – no rollup is applied. Every date value down to the minutes and seconds is used in the group. This usually is not the intended outcome.
  • Date rollup – groups based on a part of the date/time value such as year, month, weekday or hour.