This article addresses the most common issues with email verification code.

An email with a verification code didn't arrive.

 If you completed the steps fromEmail verification but you didn’t receive the email with a verification code within a few minutes: 

  • Check your email’s spam folder for the verification code. 
  • Ensure that the email address you're attempting to verify is able to receive email messages.  
  • Make sure that there aren’t any errors in the email address you’re trying to verify. 

Verification code sent to my email address does not work.

 There are a few possible reasons for this problem: 

 You use the outdated verification code.  

  • The verification code is valid for 1 hour after it was sent.Request a new code.  
  • Each request for sending a new code invalidates the existing code.Try again with the latest code. 

You have exceeded the maximum number of verification attempts.  

  • The verification code is invalidated after 3 failed attempts.  Request a new code. 

You have requested too many codes. 

  • You can request up to ten verification codes in 24 hours for each email address. If this limit is reached, the email verification process for this email address is blocked.Wait 24 hours to request another code.