This release includes significant changes to the Caspio account login process in order to improve the user experience and security of your Caspio account.

Release Notes

Universal “Caspio ID” for Easier Account Access

In this release, we have introduced a universal single sign-on “Caspio ID” to make it easier for users to access Caspio accounts and services using just their email address.

Previously, account users logged into Caspio using their Account ID and Username. Starting in the Caspio 11.0 release, all users will log in using their email address instead of Account ID or Username.

Your email address serves as your universal Caspio ID to access your Caspio account(s), your user profile, and Caspio services such as the Support Portal, Map Mashup Wizard, etc.

Immediately after the release, existing account users will be prompted to verify their email address. You will also see new screens and features related to your Caspio ID, described below.

Learn more about Caspio ID.

Caspio Account Listing Page

Once logged in with your Caspio ID, all your Caspio accounts are listed and you can access each of them with a single click. New accounts can be created easily and are immediately added to the list.

Your account listing page is accessible from the top navigation bar whenever you are signed in with your Caspio ID.

Figure 1 – Your Caspio Accounts

Enhancements to Your Caspio Profile

Your profile information such as email addresses, contact information and password are now associated to your Caspio ID rather than an account. Your personal profile is accessible from the top navigation bar whenever you are signed in with your Caspio ID.

Figure 2 – Your Caspio Profile

Caspio Account URL

In your Caspio account, on the Account Settings screen, you will see a new option to set a custom URL to replace the account’s system-generated URL for accessing your Caspio account. For example, if your company is called ACME, you could request “” as your Caspio URL and it will become the root of your Caspio account’s web address and is also displayed in your Caspio account listing page.

Figure 3 – Caspio URL

Note: The system-generated URL (now called Integration URL) is always utilized in deploy codes of DataPages, APIs, and Zapier connections to ensure uninterrupted operation even if the custom Caspio URL is modified in the future.

Enhancements to Account User Management

In your Caspio account, the following enhancements were made to user management:

  • The primary Account Admin is now called Account Owner.
  • On the Users tab under Access Permissions, account owners and users with administrative rights can invite additional users to access the account using their email address.
  • On the Users tab under Access Permissions, the account owner role can be transferred to another user.
  • When viewing the properties of objects in your account (i.e. DataPages, Tables, and Authentications), the Created and Last Modified now display the name and Caspio ID of the user instead of the Username.

Known Issues

  • On your Caspio profile page, all phone numbers have been automatically converted to a standard phone format based on country. Some irregular entries may have been inadvertently converted to an invalid phone number. You should verify your phone numbers on your profile page after the release.

Impact Areas

Refer to the 11.0 Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.

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