DataPages can be moved from one DataPage folder or App to another folder of another App or to All Assets within a Caspio account.

To move a DataPage, navigate to the DataPages listing and follow the below steps:

  1. Use the mouse to hover over a desired DataPage, click More, and click Move.
  2. This brings up the Move DataPage dialog. You can select which target Folder or App you wish to move this DataPage.
  3. Select your desired destination folder by double-clicking with your mouse, or select the folder with a single click. Click Move.

If the DataPage is moved to another App, all DataPage dependencies are shared with this app including the authentication object. If DataPage is moved from the folder to another folder in the same app, the same authentication will still be applied.

If DataPage is moved from an App to All Assets and it contains app parameters, all app parameters will be replaced with their values. If a DataPage with app parameters were moved from an app to another app, all app parameters will be created in the destination app.