This release includes several new features, security updates, and bug fixes.

Release Notes


Caspio Account Search

The Caspio top menu bar now includes a Search function that allows you to locate objects in your account using keywords. The Search function offers the following capabilities:

  • Locate account objects by name or DataPage AppKey
  • Search string can be partial or complete
  • Search results are fully interactive

Learn more about Searching for Objects.

Sticky Header Row in Tabular Reports

To provide a better usability for long reports where the header scrolls off the screen, we now support sticky header rows where the header of the report scrolls and sticks to the top of the browser window. A new checkbox, Enable sticky header row, has been added to the Report wizard.

You can also customize the position of the report header row in the Styles wizard. If your web page already has a fixed navigation bar at the top, you can adjust the position of the report header so that it does not overlap the navigation bar.

Display Lookup Values in Reports

Lookup fields provide user-friendly display text when the real value may be harder to understand, such as an ID field. A new checkbox, Show this value on Reports, has been added to the Relationship Settings dialog. You can enable this option when defining the lookup field. This will result in automatically displaying the user-friendly value in Report DataPages instead of the ID value.

Learn more about Lookup Fields in Relationships.

Improvements to App Import/Export

The app import/export process has been improved to make it easier to re-import apps that were modified in a different account. For example, if you export an app from your production account and import it to a separate development account to make modifications, Caspio recognizes it as the same app when re-importing it back to your production account and provides an option to overwrite the old version.


14409Import/ExportFixed intermittent issue downloading exported files.
18068DataPagesFixed an issue with data type auto-detection of certain calculated fields using authenticated fields.
20829DataPagesFixed issue in cascading elements when using parameters containing ‘&’ during inline insert.
21042PermissionsFixed issue related to copying DataPages in All Assets without App Manager permission.
20161DataPagesFixed issue swapping DataPage data source when field name capitalization is not the same (i.e. first_name vs. First_Name).
19930PermissionsFixed intermittent error in Caspio when managing API Permissions in accounts with a large number of objects.
21979DataPagesFixed delimiter issue when passing values in a multi-select Virtual Field.
23275Automatic emailsFixed handling attachments in acknowledgment emails using a Virtual Field for email address.
23624DataPagesFixed column order issue in Pivot Table Reports when Date/Time field was presented as year rollup.
22645DataPagesFixed inconsistency issues related to Section 508 compatibility.
19957Caspio User InterfaceAll dialog boxes now automatically reposition themselves in the center of the screen as the browser window is resized.
12905Caspio User InterfaceVarious issues related to Microsoft Edge browser compatibility were addressed.



Refer to the 9.2 Impacted Areas for more information about the areas affected by this release.


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