This release includes new List data types, major enhancements to charts, and other enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Notes

List Data Types

A popular Ideabox request has been the ability to create grouped checkboxes, and multi-select lists and dropdowns. We are pleased to announce that the initial release of List Data Types is now available.

There are three List Data Types, for text strings, numbers and date/time values. They can be added to any table in table design and used in datasheet, and in DataPages including forms and reports.

Figure 1 – List data types in table design

Figure 2 – List field shown in datasheet

Figure 3 – List field shown in a form DataPage

In this initial release, the list values are static and must be configured in table design. In a future update, we plan to offer additional enhancements including dynamic list values via lookup tables.

Watch the video below to see how to create multi-select dropdowns in Caspio:

Learn more about List Data Types. 

Enhancements to Charts 

Since the major upgrade to charts in our previous release, our team has remained focused on them to bring to you even more capabilities in data visualization. In this release we have some new and exciting enhancements including three new chart types. They are:

  • Radar chart
  • Polar chart
  • Combination chart

Figure 4 – All Chart Types

Other enhancements to charts:

  • Ability to have multiple Y-axis, where each “value” field can be assigned to a separate Y-axis.
  • Two new chart color palettes, and the ability to define your own palette.
  • Ability to enable logarithmic scale for Y axis.
  • Fully customizable Chart DataTips, giving you the ability to create slick HTML DataTips with icons, colors, images, etc.
  • Ability to add a custom title for legends.
  • Ability to replace missing values with zero. Previously missing values were always plotted as zero.
  • Formatting options for Category and Sub Category fields.
  • Ability to specify the position of each Y-axis.
  • Option to auto-rotate Y-axis labels.
  • New Group-by-Date option for series.
  • Compatibility with Section 508 for visually impaired persons.

Learn more about Charts.

Control Over Tech Support Login

Occasionally you may need to provide account access to the Caspio Technical Support team so they can troubleshoot an issue for you. We have improved the workflow for this process, putting you in total control and ensuring that you and a tech support person can be using the account at same time. A new user interface in your account allows you to grant access to Caspio Technical Support team for the duration of time that you specify. Once access is granted, you will be able to see the remaining time or end access.

This feature is available from the top bar menu, Help, Support Login.

Figure 5 – Support Login

Learn more about Support Login.

Tech Support via Live Chat from within Caspio

We have added the ability to engage with our technical support team directly from any Caspio screen. The option is available on the right side of the browser window. Once initiated, it automatically provides your account id to the Caspio Technical Support agent, further speeding up the conversation.

Additionally, as of earlier this year, Caspio Technical Support is available Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. We continue to add resources to ensure that our customers receive the quality support from Caspio that they are accustomed to.

Smaller Enhancements

  • Editing Views from datasheet now returns the user to the datasheet instead of Views listing screen.
  • Tabular reports with grouping enabled now can show up to 1,000 records, a big increase compared to the previous 250 limit.

Bug Fixes

31426DataPagesFixed issue in DataPage Wizard where fields in email form element could not be used as a parent field for cascading elements.
32444Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Light Blue style where no confirmation alert was shown in DataPage details pages, when deleting a record.
35276Data Import/Export TasksFixed issue in Sites of Data Import/Export Tasks where Google Drive could not be re-authorized.
35393Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in rendered DataPages where * (asterisk) symbol was not displayed for fields made required by Rules.
36683LocalizationFixed issue in French Localization where wrong format was displayed for thousands separator in Grid and Inline edit for Currency values.
37615DatasheetFixed data filtering issue in Datasheet view where actual values of lookup fields could not be used. Now filtering works for actual values.
37881Pivot Report DataPageFixed issue in Pivot Report DataPage Wizard where Calculated Fields’ order was reset to the bottom of the Values list after saving the DataPage.
38009Bulk EditFixed issue in Bulk Edit where notification email was not sent if “Include Updated Records” checkbox was not checked.
38008Bulk EditFixed issue in Bulk Edit where under certain conditions the value for [@cbRecordCount] parameter was inaccurate.
32379Lookup FieldFixed issue in Lookup Fields where a value could not be changed to another if both values had the same Display Value.
37559Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Details DataPages where instead of the localized message, system message was displayed when no records were found.
37696Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in DataPage Rules where Date/Time fields with Date precision was compared as Text value instead of Date value.
40763Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in DataPage RLS where records were filtered incorrectly when certain character was present in the username.
39001Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Report DataPages where hidden Rules criteria were ignored in search results.
40027DataPagesFixed issue in DataPages Wizard where “If empty, match blank values only.” option was not shown for Yes/No field.
39808Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in tabular report DataPages where sticky header did not work on Android devices.
36140Table RelationshipsImproved performance in Table Relationships UI when editing relationship in accounts with many tables.
37482App ParameterFixed issue in App Parameters where default formatting was not applied to all occurrences of the parameter when its data type was changed.
40194Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in cascading elements where values used as filter did not respect input localization.

Impact Areas

Refer to the 9.6 Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.

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