Using your Caspio account in conjunction with Zapier provides many possibilities for integrating Caspio with other applications and web based services. Use cases include:

  • Add subscribers from Caspio database into your email marketing service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. Watch this video to see how.
  • Create a record in your Caspio database by parsing an email sent to your Zapier address (at
  • Send notification SMS when a user submits a Caspio form.
  • Create an event in Google or Office 365 calendars when a record is added to your Caspio table.

Zapier capability is available in all Caspio plans that have the API feature. You will also need a Zapier account. Zapier fees are independent from your Caspio fees.

Caspio is configured both as a source of triggers and as a destination for actions in Zapier. When creating a “Zap” on Zapier, you can choose Caspio from the Trigger side in order to fire off a trigger when an event occurs in a selected Caspio table, or you can select Caspio from the Action side to trigger something in Caspio when an event occurs in another service.

Zapier Access to Your Caspio Account

In order to use Zapier with your Caspio account you must authorize it to access your Caspio account. Caspio neither recommends nor endorses Zapier or its security practices. It is up to you to determine if it’s an appropriate tool for you and if you are comfortable using their services or the services of any of their integrated providers.

When you authorize Zapier to access your Caspio account, a REST API profile is automatically created under Web Services Profiles.
To see this section, navigate to the main menu bar at any screen of Caspio Bridge, click Account, and click Access Permissions.

Once this profile is created, you can change its permission to limit it to the specific tables and actions that are intended for your Zapier integration.

Only the account’s owner can initially setup the Zapier integration.

Note: Caspio is in Zapier’s app directory. Click here to view Caspio’s profile or simply search the directory for “Caspio”. To create your first integration, sign into Zapier and create your first Zap in just a few steps as shown in our video tutorial.

Popular Zap Integrations