Regional formatting 

You can set the regional settings to influence how numeric, currency and date/time values are displayed on your PDF document. Regional settings can be managed for the whole template in the Settings section > Date and number format. 

The Settings section becomes editable only when a data source for mapping is selected. 

Regional settings format date/time to the short date format. You can change the date format on a template field level if needed.  

If no region is selected, values are taken directly from the table field value. 

Note: It is also possible to apply regional formatting directly on a specific field. To learn more, see Formatting a specific field.

Adding a text watermark 

Caspio allows for stamping documents with a text watermark. This functionality may be especially helpful when you want to inform your readers not to share a generated document with unauthorized audience or you want to highlight your brand name. A watermark can also act as an indicator of a document status with such terms as “Draft”, “Confidential” or “Urgent”. 

 You can manage a watermark in the Settings  tab of your template. Navigate to the Watermark section, select Text and configure the watermark properties. To remove the watermark, click None. 

Note: Only English characters are supported for a text watermark. 

Configuring PDF Document Properties 

In Caspio, you can modify the PDF document properties and metadata of your generated files. The configurable PDF properties include the following fields:  

  • Title  
  • Author  
  • Subject  
  • Keywords  

Accurate metadata makes a document easier to locate by search engines. For example, the title of the document does not have to appear in the file name of the PDF, so providing an accurate title in the metadata increases searchability. Many search engines use metadata to narrow the results or display a document description.  

To configure the PDF properties, open a template and click the Settings tab. PDF document properties section is available there.  

If the fields are disabled to edit, it means that modification of document properties is not allowed due to the security settings of your PDF file.  

Note:If your PDF file has any document restrictions (see PDF properties → Security tab), the properties you entered might not be propagated to generated PDF documents.