You can configure to send automatic emails whenever an action is performed within a DataPage such as the submission, modification, or deletion of a record. They are configured with DataPages (Acknowledgment and Notification emails), Triggered Actions, and Tasks.

Email messages in DataPages

Acknowledgement Email

Acknowledgement emails may be sent on your behalf to users who submit a DataPage.
When enabled, Acknowledgement Emails are generated upon the submission, modification, or deletion of data and are sent to an email address from the form itself. They are usually used to notify an app user that their submission or update was successfully received.

Notification Email

Notification emails are generated upon the submission of new data, or modification or deletion of existing data and are sent to the specified email addresses, usually internal employees who need to be alerted to take action. You may assign a Table-driven value to the Reply-to field from the dropdown list or use the email address in the From field.