Add identity providers to enable users in your organization to access Caspio apps using credentials managed by the added identity provider.

  1. In an external identity provider, create a new application which will be used to connect with Caspio directory. Select SAML as the single sign-on method.
    If your identity provider is Azure ADOkta, or OneLogin, click the relevant link to configure the identity provider using our dedicated tutorial.
    For other identity providers, follow their instructions on enabling single sign-on using SAML.
  2. Configure general information for your application. 
  3. In Caspio directories, go to the identity provider you are adding.  
  4. Copy the links from Caspio 1. Service Provider Information section and place them in the appropriate places in your external app. 
  5. In the 2. Identity provider information section, enter the name and select a user identifier. We recommend using the default Email field. 
  6. Copy the links from your external app to paste them in Caspio 2. Identity provider information. 
  7. Download x.509 Certificate from your external app and paste it into Caspio, in the SAML signing certificate (x.509) section. 
  8. Add and enable an identity provider.