DataPages are user interfaces of your application, such as web forms and search/display interfaces. Apps are for the most part a collection of DataPages that are designed to provide the functionality of the app for the end users.

DataPages are built in your Caspio account and deployed externally to a website or portal where users interact with them. Caspio DataPages can be embedded on any website and integrate seamlessly for a professional user experience where your users remain on your website to use an application or a single DataPage such a web form.

Traditionally, a programmer had to use a scripting language to create web-based, database-driven applications. Caspio automates this slow, expensive process and makes it fast and affordable. Caspio DataPages are created without coding through step-by-step wizards. DataPages offer benefits not available in traditional scripting:

  • Speed – It takes only minutes or hours to create and deploy a DataPage. It takes the average programmer days to script the same in a typical scripting language. DataPages can be put to use immediately.
  • Quality – Caspio DataPages leave no room for errors because they do not require coding. In traditional programming, the quality of a hand-coded script depends on the individual programmer and can be error-prone.
  • Scalability – A hand-coded script that is designed to address your current needs may not be scalable enough to handle your future requirements. DataPages are generated and operated in a manner that gives them enormous scalability.
  • Ease of Editing and Maintenance – Hand-coded scripts are difficult to edit and maintain because they contain hundreds of lines of code that may or may not be properly documented. The original programmer may no longer be available, or the logic behind the script may be forgotten. In contrast, editing a Caspio DataPage is easy. The same step-by-step process used to create them is used to modify them and changes are effective immediately.
  • Flow of New Features – With Caspio you continually have access to new and improved features.
  • Future Proof Apps - Backend technologies, browsers and devices used for accessing the web are changing all the time. An app frozen in code becomes stale quickly and requires frequent updating. However, Caspio powered apps are guaranteed to work on new technologies.

Caspio offers a variety of DataPages Types and customization options for almost any business application, including Submission and Update Forms, Search, Results and data drill downs, Calendars, and Charts. There are endless possibilities with Caspio. We provide the tools and resources to get you started, and from there, you can take your projects to the next level to create something incredibly remarkable.