Before using Responsive DataPages, consider the information in this section.

  • Responsive mode is enabled by default for all new DataPages.
  • Responsive DataPages created before Caspio 21.0 which use the customized responsive code snippets will continue to work, however, we recommend using the built-in responsive option instead.
  • Responsive mode can be explicitly enabled by clicking the Enable responsive option in the Data Source step of the DataPage wizard.
    NOTE: When you enable the responsive option for existing DataPages, all previously added responsive code should be removed. Check your DataPage Header and Footer sections, and HTML blocks for the code and remove it. The code snippet that was previously offered by Caspio contains the text “Responsive code” so you can easily find it.
    NOTE: Enabling Responsive may also affect any custom JavaScript or CSS code that you may have added to your DataPage or host page. After enabling responsive, the functionality offered by such custom code should be tested to ensure compatibility.