Note: SEO deployment method for DataPages is deprecated. See SEO deployment deprecation for more information.


My SEO deployed DataPage is not working right. What could be the reason?


Provided that you have followed the SEO deployment guidelines, one or more of the following could help you resolve the problem.

Is your page extension correct?

For your server to process server-side scripts, page names must have correct extensions. Make sure the pages where you have deployed your SEO code end in .php, .asp or .aspx depending on your chosen deployment code. Also, for most servers the extension must be in lower case.

Are your styles not working correctly?

Note that when deploying in SEO, you have to choose between External and Inline styles. The main difference is that External is faster, however it requires one additional deploy code on your page. The deploy code section has two tabs. The first is your DataPage code and the second is your style code. The style code must be inserted in the head portion of your page. If you don't have access to the head portion of your page, use Inline style which requires only one deploy code.

Can your server execute external scripts?

Perhaps your server is configured to only execute local PHP files. You may be getting a warning about it or it may silently refuse to execute. In this case you must download this file and save it on your own server. Then in your deploy code, replace the underlined URL with your own URL to this file.

Do you get session_start related warnings?

Put this line of code at the top of your web page:  

Still having problems?

Contact your hosting company or IT department as they may need to change other settings of your server.

 <?php session_start(); ?>