Here are some generic steps to create an app connection and enable a directory to act as an identity provider to external services. In the following video, we are using the example of adding Slack:

  1. In Caspio directories, in the App connections tab, click Create App Connection.  
  2. Complete the 1. General section: 
    1. In the Name field, enter the name for an app connection. 
    2. The User identifier field is by default set to Email.  
  1. Log into the service provider to obtain the necessary data for Caspio 2. Service provider information. 
  2. In 2. Service provider information, fill in: 
    1. Identity provider identifier (Identity ID)  
    2. Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) - https URL address to which an IdP will redirect after authenticating a user.  
  1. Select Create and enable or Create. 
  2. In Caspio directory, open the settings of the newly created app connection. Copy the links from the Identity provider settings section and paste them in the appropriate places in the service provider. 
  3. In Caspio directory, in the SAML Signing Certificate, download the certificate. Paste it in the appropriate places in the service provider. 
  4. Save the changes.