The INSERT INTO block adds new rows (records) into a table based on specified criteria. You can use it to populate fields in a new record with default or calculated values or to update related tables when new data is inserted into the target table. 

In a CRM application, you can use the INSERT INTO block to automatically create a new task for a sales representative whenever a new lead is added to the system, ensuring timely follow-ups.


You can combine INSERT INTO with SELECT. To do so, click the gear icon in the action block. 

INSERT INTO - SELECT copies data from one table to insert it into another table. You can select the number of rows from any table and use only one or a subset of fields.  

Note: SELECT can be modified with other options, such as DISTINCT, TOP, FROM, JOIN, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY. Learn more.


In the above use case, the INSERT-FROM-SELECT block inserts records into the CRM_Contact_History table when records are inserted or updated in the CRM_Contact table.