You may want to send the notification email of your form to a different email address depending on the value of one of your fields. For example, a feedback form may have a dropdown for selecting the department it’s targeted to and you may want to have the notification email go specifically to that department.

We will use the feedback example to demonstrate how this can be set up.

Let's assume you have a lookup table with the list of your departments and their email addresses:

Table: Lookup_Departments

Department              Email
Sales Department
Support Department

The easiest way is to set up a dropdown on your form and select this lookup table as its data source. The Department field will be used for “Display” and the Email field for “Value” when setting up the dropdown.

Then set up the notification email to be sent to the department dropdown field which is using email as its value. The notification email will go to the email address belonging to the selected department.

The downside of this method is that the email address is what’s stored in your table. If this is an issue, use the method below which requires a few more steps but achieves the desired result.

In this alternative method use a dropdown for departments and a cascading dropdown to pull up the associated email. See how to set up a cascading dropdown.

Now you can set the notification email to be sent to the email cascading field. You can hide the email field by following these steps.