Groups management options are available for accounts that include more than one user.

Three built-in Groups are available in Caspio and additional custom groups can be added. Built-in groups are:

  • Administrators group has full access to all objects in Caspio.
  • App_Managers group has full access to all Applications definition objects but not any other object.
  • Everyone group has permissions that are customizable by the administrators. It is applied to all users and whatever permissions available to Everyone is given to all users.

Steps for adding a new group to your account:

  1. On the top menu bar of Caspio, select Account Access Permissions.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  1. Click New Group.
  2. After providing a name and an optional description you can select as many users for this group as you wish. All permissions granted to the group are provided to its members.
  1. Once the Group is created, you can hover over the group name in the group listing screen and select Permissions to configure object permissions.