To start using your new directory, it will be necessary to create your users. 

The following steps guide you to create one user at a time. If you want to import a database of users from your Caspio platform account, consider creating a new directory by converting an existing table. See Converting Tables to Directories. 

When creating users, you can choose to activate them after creation using one of the two options available. 


  1. In your directory, in the Users tab, click the Create user button. 
  2. In the Create user right panel, under User information, enter the email of the user. 
  3. Optional: If you want to add the user’s first and last name, click Optional fields and enter the first and last name in the fields that appear. 
  4. Under Sign-in method, select the identity provider for this user. 
  5. Optional: If you want to activate the user now, select the Activate user checkbox and select one of the two options: 
    • If you want to send an account activation link to the user, select the Send email radio button. 
    • If you want to generate the user’s password and send it to them, select the Generate password radio button and copy the generated password. You can require the user to change this password upon first sign-in by selecting the User must change password on first login checkbox. 
  1. Optional: If you want to add this user to existing groups, under Groups, click Add group and select the relevant groups. Click Add. 
  2. Add this user by clicking Create. 
    You can also proceed straight to creating another user by clicking Create and add another.