Importing Views

You can import a previously exported view into any Caspio account. The tables used in the view must exist in the account or you need to import them together with the view.

  1. In the top menu bar, click Tools > Import to start the import wizard.
  2. Select a file that contains your view and start the upload.
  3. Select the app into which you want to import the view.
  4. In the Configure Objects section, select an import type for each of the source objects:
    • Create New – Create a new view object.
    • Replace – Overwrite an existing view object.
  5.  Click Import.
  6. Check the import details and click Close.

Exporting Views

You can export a view or download its data. Exporting a view saves the definition of the view on your computer. View export files contain no data. To ensure that the view can be recreated at a later time, export its tables.

There are two ways to start the export and continue it in the export wizard:

  • In the Views listing, point to a view and click More > Export.
  • In the top menu bar, click Tools > Export.

You can download the data of a view when the view is open in Datasheet. The Download option is at the top of the view. Note that downloaded data cannot be re-imported into Caspio as a view but as a table.