This release includes trigger-based SMS and email notifications, a new version of the Caspio REST API, and enhancements to previously released features.

Watch the video below to see a summary of the 12.0 release:

Release Notes

SMS and Email Notifications

A popular feature request in the Caspio Ideabox is the ability to trigger SMS and email notifications based on conditional logic and specific data events. We are pleased to announce that SMS and email notifications are now available in Triggered Actions, allowing you to streamline communications and workflows in your Caspio applications.

Using the visual drag-and-drop interface, you can add email and SMS actions to new or existing Triggered Actions (available in the Actions menu).

Triggered Actions, Notifications, Email, SMS, SQL, logic builder, screenshot

In this release, SMS notifications will be limited to the United States and Canada phone numbers. Other regions and countries will be supported in future releases.

This feature is available in Professional and higher plans, all of which include 100 SMS messages per month and the ability to add more based on your expected usage. See our pricing page for details.

For an interactive demo of this new feature, join our webinar: "Send SMS and Email Notifications Using Triggered Actions":

Enhancements to Triggered Actions

In addition to SMS and email notifications, we have made the following usability improvements to Triggered Actions:

  • A new Text Area block is available to support multi-line text.
  • TEXT64K fields can now be used in “IsBlank” and “IsNotBlank” comparisons.
  • Expression names can now be renamed for easier reference in other areas.
  • When enabling GROUP BY and HAVING in a SELECT block, field and aggregation elements will automatically be populated.
  • When connecting a new block with existing blocks, it will be joined with existing blocks whenever possible, instead of replacing them.
  • The visual indicators where individual blocks can be connected have been enhanced to improve usability.
  • When saving or validating a Triggered Action, incomplete expressions in a SELECT block will be automatically removed.
  • When moving a block to the canvas area, any configured fields and values will now be preserved.

Learn more about Triggered Actions.

Caspio REST API v2

We have released a new version of the Caspio REST API to incorporate Swagger UI, a popular third-party tool for API developers to interact and test against Caspio REST API using a visual interface.

Swagger UI is only available in Caspio REST API v2. If you are currently using v1, you will need migrate to the new version.

In addition to Swagger UI, we’ve also made the following enhancements to Caspio REST API v2:

  • New operations for Files
  • New endpoints for DataPages deployment
  • Changes to Tables/Views endpoints
  • Changes to query string parameter

Learn more about Caspio REST API.

Smaller Enhancements

  • List Fields can now be used to create conditional behaviors on the Rules tab of the DataPage wizard.
  • When defining criteria in Views, you can now use two fields between comparison types to filter data.
  • It is now possible to enable the “Inline Add” interactive editing option in tabular reports with grouping.
  • New grouping options are available for Date/Time fields in tabular reports:
    • Hours (i.e. 3 PM)
    • Date (i.e. 04/18/2018)
    • Week Number (i.e. Week 1)
    • Month (i.e. January)
  • When previewing a DataPage, the timeout/redirection URL will be ignored to make it easier to preview DataPages within your account.
  • Folder sizes are now displayed in the Files section.

Bug Fixes

55895AuthenticationFixed issue where Formula Fields could not be used in Authentication objects.
56504Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Report DataPages where “Data Table” tooltip did not follow the Localization settings.
56515AuthenticationFixed login issue when a restricted parameter name was used in Authentication.
56913Rendered DataPagesFixed number formatting issue in Calculated Fields when performing a division calculation using an Integer value.
57039Automatic EmailsFixed issue sending notification emails when the “To” field contained multiple consecutive semicolons.
57644Rendered DataPagesFixed issue where the leading zero digit was ignored in parameter passing.
57645Rendered DataPagesFixed issue where parameters were removed after multiple attempts to submit a web form with validation errors.
58023Rendered DataPagesFixed error in DataPage file upload when the file name contained a vertical bar (“|”) character.
58580Automatic EmailsFixed error where acknowledgement emails did not send due to a restricted file field name in the email body.
58870Formula FieldsFixed issue in Formula Fields where case-sensitive field names prevented records from being updated.
59038Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Report DataPages where the next record did not display when disabling paging on Details Pages and enabling “Go to the next record” as the destination after form submit.

Impact Areas

Refer to the 12.0 Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.

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