This section contains a list of common error codes and messages you may encounter while using the Caspio platform.
If your problem is not answered on these guides, please contact Caspio Support team.


Error codeDescription
62504Failed security check. DataPage cannot be rendered from this account type.
This error occurs when you store users’ passwords in a Text (255) field in a user table.
Due to data security restriction, passwords must be stored in a Password data type field.
50501The deploy code of the DataPage may be missing the complete app key.
The DataPage is deleted and no longer exists in your account.
Select the DataPage, click Deploy, choose the preferred deployment method, copy the deploy code and replace the deploy code on your host page with the new version.
50522This DataPage belongs to Caspio Account which has exceeded one of its usage limits. Please ask your administrator to increase the limit for Caspio Account.
This error occurs when one or more resources (for example emails, storage or data transfer) utilized by your DataPages has reached its daily or monthly limits.
If you want to increase the limits, upgrade your account to a higher plan or contact Caspio Support for assistance.

This DataPage is not configured for public access.
Enable external access to the DataPage.

  1. On the DataPages listing, select your DataPage.
  2. Click Deploy.
  3. On the Deploy DataPage screen, choose the deployment method and activate other functionalities.
  4. In the Deployment Status section, click the Enabled button.
  5. Click Close. If you just close the dialog without clicking on the Enabled button, the DataPage will not be deployed and cannot be accessed externally.

Cannot redirect to the specified destination page. This DataPage is designed to be embedded on a web page.
You may encounter this error in two cases:

  1. After submitting a form or update. The Destination Options in your DataPage is set to Relative path. When this option is chosen, the DataPage must be embedded on your site for the destination page to be found. If the DataPage is used in direct URL mode, there is no way to place the destination page.

On the Destination and Emails screen, provide the complete path to the destination page, for example, or do not use this DataPage via a direct URL.

  1. After opening an authenticated form. The Time out & Redirection under Advanced Settings of your authentication is set to Relative path. When this option is chosen, the DataPage must be embedded on your site for the redirection page to be found.

On the authentication Advanced Settings provide the complete path to the page or do not use this DataPage via a direct URL or Preview mode.

60023This DataPage must be accessed via HTTPS only.
The reason you get this error message is because your DataPage deployment inside the Caspio platform has SSL encryption enabled. However, you are trying to access the DataPage through “http” protocol.
Use HTTPS in the URL or the Embed deploy code in your webpage source.
If you don’t need the SSL encryption, then you can clear the Enable SSL encryption check box in the DataPage deployment screen.

There are 2 possible reasons:

  1. When you’re loading or submitting the app offline.

Publish the webpage and access it online or use direct URL of the DataPage.

  1. If you’re using direct URL of a Report DataPage when you leave the results page for a few hours and then attempt to go to the Details page. Record’s session expires and cause the error message when you attempt to go to the record Details page.

Use embed deployment method or create custom details link which remains permanent. See how.



Duplicates values are not allowedYou see this message because the Caspio platform enforces the Unique integrity rule of a field in your table. Submitting any record that violates the Unique rule is not allowed.
If your email field is set to unique, it is not possible to enter a duplicate email address. Note that “blank” is also considered a value. As a result the unique field can only be left blank in one record.
To see or change the “Unique” property of a field, open the table in Design mode.Bottom of Form
Cannot redirect to Facebook
Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

This error occurs when your ID service provider is expecting to be reached via HTTPS but your application is calling it in HTTP.
To resolve this issue try one of the following:

  1. Deploy your DataPage in HTTPS.
  2. Configure your ID service to accept HTTP. For more information go to the article and see step 8.
Object moved to here or This webpage is not available.You see this error when the form you are submitting or the DataPage you are interacting with is accessed from your file system and is not deployed to a web server.
Upload your DataPage to a web server and access the page via its URL. If you don’t have a web server, instead of getting the embed code from Caspio’s Deployment screen, get a direct URL to your DataPage.
For more instructions, go to the article on DataPage Deployment.
Error in formula

While performing calculations in a DataPage using Calculated Fields or Aggregate functions, there could be a number of arithmetic issues contributing to the message, Error in formula, but there are common situations when your formula is causing the error.

Division by zero: Example: “A/B” works fine, except when B is zero and you get the error message.
Solution: Use the following code which catches the zeros before they cause an error. Just make sure to change A and B with your own field names.


When [@field:B]= '0'

Then null




Blank values: Example: A+B works fine, except when the field value is blank.
Solution: Use the following code to handle blanks.


Non-numeric values: Example: A+B works fine, except when the field value is text such as N/A.
Solution: Use the following code to skip the text values in the calculation.

(Case When IsNumeric([@fieldA]) = 1 Then [@fieldA] Else 0 End) + (Case When IsNumeric([@fieldB]) = 1 Then [@fieldB] Else 0 End)

Table or Field name change: If table or field name is changed in the table design and they are referenced in the calculated field or calculated value on a DataPage level in a select query, they won’t be updated in the formula which results in “Invalid formula” error message.
Solution: Update the table or field name reference manually in the formula.

Mismatch data type: If fields in the formula do not have the same data type. If result expressions in Case formula do not have the same data type. Example:
CASE input_expression
WHEN when_expression
THEN result_expression
ELSE result_expression
Solution: Make sure the fields and result expressions have the same data type or use CAST function to convert the data type:
CAST (result_expression AS datatype)
Most common data types are char, varchar, binary, date, float, real, int.
See an example in our community forum