Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Responsive DataPages

Now you can make your DataPages responsive by clicking a checkbox in the Wizard. Responsive DataPages adapt dynamically to mobile and tablet screens, providing the best user experience across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

All new DataPages created after this release will be responsive by default. Watch the video below for details:

Please note that enabling the responsive option will also upgrade the overall HTML structure of the DataPage. Therefore, any pre-existing DataPages that rely on custom CSS or JavaScript code should be tested that they still display and function as expected.

DataPages utilizing the previous responsive code snippets will still continue to work, but you can now use the built-in feature to take advantage of the new mobile-friendly interfaces for report navigation, inline updates, calendar date selection, and more.

Pivot table reports will be responsive in a future release.

Learn more about Responsive DataPages.

Loops and Variables in Triggered Actions

  • A new FOR EACH block is available in the Loops section to perform repeated actions for each record of a data source or selection.
  • A new Table Variable block is available for assigning the results of a SELECT statement to a variable that can be used elsewhere in the triggered action or task.

Learn more about Triggered Actions and Tasks.

Enhanced Dropbox and Google Drive Integration in Scheduled Tasks

Continuing with our improvements to Scheduled Tasks, Dropbox and Google Drive integrations are now enhanced with a popup window for easy navigation and selection of files or folders. Existing Dropbox and Google Drive connections can simply re-authorize to use this new feature. and OneDrive were enhanced with a similar functionality in a previous release.

Learn more about Configuring a Repository Site.


  • An updated chart library has been applied to all Chart DataPages to improve overall performance and prepare for future enhancements.
  • When displaying the search form above results in Report DataPages, you can now choose not to display default-criteria results before users perform a search.
  • In Report DataPages, you can now use wildcard characters (e.g. % _ [ ] ^ – ) in searches for Not Equal comparison type.
  • Parameters are now enabled for all DataPage types and the old option to enable/disable them is removed.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
81462 Scheduled Tasks Fixed error in verifying connection when creating a new Amazon S3 repository site.
82123 Data Download Fixed issue in CSV downloads from Report DataPages where underlying lookup values were exported instead of display names.
82219 Tables/Views Fixed error in Tables/Views where Bulk Delete action could not be performed.
82337 Import/Export Fixed error importing DataPages containing virtual Calculated Fields.
82611 Automatic Emails Fixed issue in Automatic Emails where recipients added as parameter field received a separate email, rather than being added to the original email.
83201 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue in Calculated Values when SELECT statements referenced tables containing Greek characters.
83875 Import/Export Fixed error importing Views when date criteria did not have a time zone specified.
84095 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue in Chart DataPages where parameters were not received correctly in header/footer.
85491 Rendered DataPages Fixed error in Form Rules where submitting a record was not possible because of hidden fields.
85885 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where AutoComplete fields did not stay aligned after scrolling.
85964 Triggered Actions Fixed issue where certain trigger configurations could not be validated.
85987 Swagger UI Integration Fixed issue in Swagger UI where Tables with triggered actions that were updated via APIs did not return the number of affected records.
86743 Rendered DataPages Fixed error in displaying multi-select list box and rich text editor fields when both were placed next to each other in a web form.

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