The App access logs allow you to monitor the activities of the authenticated users that access your apps. The App access logs store information about:
  • Successful or failed logins using Authentication or Connection.
  • Successful or failed password changes.
The App access logs contain the following information:
  • Log ID – Unique ID of a log.
  • Date (UTC) – Date and time in UTC format.
  • App name – Name of an app that a user logged in.
  • App ID – Unique ID of an app that a user logged in.
  • User ID – Unique user identifier (i.e., email address, username)
  • Event – Event upon which a log has been created, that is authentication, connections, password change or password reset.
  • Restriction object –Name of authentication, connection objects or password reset DataPages.
  • ID service – Authentication method, that is Caspio, Google, OpenID or SAML.
  • Status – Status of an event, which is success or failure.
  • Description – Description of the cause of failure.
  • Source IP – User IP address.
  • Device type – Desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Device – Name of a device brand.
  • Browser – Name of a browser.
  • Browser agent – Name of a browser agent.
Note: App Access Logs are available in select plans. For more information, see Caspio plans and pricing.