This release includes a number of smaller features, usability enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates.

Release Notes

Performance Improvements

We have optimized various areas of Caspio to significantly improve the overall speed of deployed applications, resulting in 40% faster response times on average. Performance improved even more significantly for DataPages containing data-heavy lookups, complex queries, or a large number of fields.

Reporting Features

  • Calculated fields containing SQL queries can now be included in Aggregations.
  • It is now possible to insert fields in Aggregations using a picker control, similar to how fields are inserted in other areas.
  • In Pivot Table Reports, a new formatting option is available for column and row labels.
  • In Pivot Table Reports, a new date rollup option is available for date fields.
  • After a bulk update, edited records now briefly highlight in a different color to visually indicate which rows were changed.
  • In Tabular Reports, data sorting now follows the DataPage localization settings.
  • In Tabular Reports, blank grouping values now display with a "(blank)" label which can be changed in the localization.

General Features

  • In the DataPage Wizard, the “Enable Advanced Options” and “Enable Parameters” checkboxes no longer appear and are automatically enabled for all DataPages. The various options on the Advanced tab are now available to all customer accounts regardless of plan type.
  • For customer accounts with the white-labeling feature, there is now an option on the Deploy dialog to remove the Caspio branding from the provided deploy code.
  • In Table Relationships, you can now delete a relationship directly from the Relationship Settings dialog.
  • When exporting individual DataPages, the associated App Parameters are now automatically converted to static values.

Impacted Areas

  • Refer to the 9.1 Impacted Areas to review the product areas and functions impacted in this release.

Known Issues

  • Some customers reported logout issues when accessing authenticated DataPages deployed with mixed security protocols (both HTTP and HTTPS). Customers experiencing logout issues should confirm that their logout link is using the same protocol as their authenticated DataPages (usually HTTPS).
  • In the initial stages of this release, data submitted through multi-select listboxes was not stored correctly (the code “||cb||” was inserted instead of a comma separator between multiple values). As of Wednesday, March 16, this bug was fixed on all customer sites. On Thursday, March 17, Caspio Support emailed impacted customers and requested permission to programmatically update these instances.

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