If you experience issues with email delivery or email and domain authentication, check this troubleshooting guide. 

Troubleshooting notification emails

To check if the email was sent, view the Email logs.

If the email was successfully sent, you can ensure that the Caspio notification emails will be accepted by your internal email server by following these steps:

  1. Open your DataPage in edit mode and proceed to the screen where the notification email is configured.
  2. For troubleshooting purposes, add another email address to the To field. Use a Yahoo or Gmail email address and see if the email is received. If yes, proceed to the next step. If not, contact Caspio Support.
  3. If the notification email to Yahoo or Gmail address is successfully received but the email to your domain failed, your mail server security settings are most likely blocking emails from Caspio.

Caspio utilizes many mail servers to send automatic emails. Inform your email server administrator to whitelist Caspio mailers (caspiomail.com) by adding them in their SPF and TXT records. We recommend that the entire _spf.caspiomail.com domain is included rather than individual IPs.


"v=spf1  include:_spf.caspiomail.com ~all"

This way, further updates will not be necessary when Caspio changes or expands IPs in the future.

Troubleshooting email and domain verification

Check the following steps if you’ve verified the domain but email messages sent from your Caspio apps are still not signed with DKIM:

  1. Ensure that you have verified the appropriate domain.
    Check the Email addresses and domains list in the Account Settings to make sure that DKIM is enabled for the appropriate domain. On the right side of the screen, you can see Verified domain and Unverified email labels. If DKIM is not enabled for the appropriate domain, follow these steps to verify the relevant domain.
  1. Ensure all required DNS records have been added.
    Refer to DNS Configuration to learn more about adding DNS records with the most popular DNS providers. Additionally, you can check the domain verification status independently of Caspio using a third-party tool such as https://mxtoolbox.com/dkim.aspx.

The propagation depends on the customer’s domain service provider and may take up to 72 hours.

Caspio account owner is notified via email whenever the domain:

  • is still in the Pending verification status after 72 hours from the first daily status check made for this domain.
  • has already been verified but the status has been changed to Pending verification.

After the notification email is sent, the daily checks are run for another 72 hours for this domain. If the domain is still not verified, the daily check is no longer performed for this domain.

If you waited long enough and the domain is still in “pending” status, verify that:

  • TXT and CNAME records have been added to the delegated name servers (DNS).
  • TXT and CNAME records are correct.
  • Your DNS provider hasn’t automatically added the domain name to the end of your DNS records.