Account Users

Users refer to those people who can log into your Caspio account. As your needs grow, more people from your organization may need access to your Caspio account to create and use DataPages, or to upload or download files and data. Access permissions for each object such as tables, views, DataPages, and Styles, can be tightly controlled through Permissions. You can give specific privileges to internal users such as add, delete for each Caspio object.


Groups in Caspio are managed in a manner similar to Groups in an operating system such as Windows. Establishing Groups helps you organize account users so account owner or administrators can easily grant or remove rights to multiple users performing similar tasks. There are three built-in Groups in Caspio:

  • Administrators group can do anything that can be done in Caspio.
  • AppManager group has full access to applications in the account.
  • Everyone group has read access to all other objects.

Web Services Profiles

Web Services Profiles allow you to programmatically access data through Caspio's API or MS Office plugins. Similar to users, Web Services API Profiles may be granted permissions to create and access tables, views, files and file folders. Learn more.

These options are available on the Caspio homepage from the menu Account -> Access Permissions.

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