Your Caspio data can be exported to your local computer at any time and to a web repository such as an FTP site or Amazon S3 through Caspio Data import/export tasks if your Plan includes the feature. Tables can be exported in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel worksheets
  • Caspio XML
  • CSV text files (Comma Separated Values)

Caspio Apps can also be exported at any time for archiving or sharing with others. On-demand export files are compressed in the ZIP format for faster download.

The file sizes of exported files can have a maximum of 1GB. If you need to export a file larger than 1GB, please reach out to the Support team and they can arrange for it to be processed on the backend.

The link to exported files remains in account messages area for 7 days.

Images, documents and other files of your tables can be included in data exports. View definition and View records can be downloaded as well.

The following export methods are available:

  • In the Tables listing, point to a specific table, click More > Export, and follow the steps.
  • In the top menu bar click Tools > Export.

With this option you can exports apps, tables, or any other objects.

The wizard will guide you through exporting what you need and further configuring the export settings.

  • In the top menu bar click Tools > Data import/export tasks to automate regular exports to a data repository such as an FTP site, Amazon S3 or to email the files.
  • In Tables and Views opened in Datasheet a Download option is available to download the data. If a filter is enabled, the filtered data is exported.

Exporting Tables Containing Non-English Characters

Tables containing non-English characters can be exported in Microsoft Excel and Caspio XML formats. However, Comma Separated (CSV) text files do not support non-English characters.

Exporting and Downloading Files in One Batch

You can export and download batch files from Caspio in ZIP format by following these steps:

  1. Click on Tools on the upper panel inside your Caspio account and select Export from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the Custom Export option.
  3. Go to the Files section at the bottom of the list and click the Add button to select and add the files and folders that you wish to download.
  4. Click Export.

All files will be exported in a ZIP folder. You can download and save the file. The exported file is also available for download in the Messages area for up to 7 days.