Your Caspio data can be exported to your local computer at any time and to a web repository such as an FTP site or Amazon S3 through Caspio Data import/export tasks if your Plan includes the feature. Tables can be exported in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Access database
  • Microsoft Excel worksheets
  • Caspio XML
  • CSV text files (Comma Separated Values)

Caspio Apps can also be exported at any time for archiving or sharing with others. On-demand export files are compressed in the ZIP format for faster download. File sizes of exported files are unlimited and a link to them remains in account messages area for 7 days. Images, documents and other files of your tables can be included in data exports. View definition and View records can be downloaded as well.

The following export methods are available:

  • In the Tables listing, point to a specific table, click More > Export, and follow the steps.
  • In the top menu bar click Tools > Export.

With this option you can exports apps, tables, or any other objects.

The wizard will guide you through exporting what you need and further configuring the export settings.

  • In the top menu bar click Tools > Data import/export tasks to automate regular exports to a data repository such as an FTP site, Amazon S3 or to email the files.
  • In Tables and Views opened in Datasheet a Download option is available to download the data. If a filter is enabled, the filtered data is exported.

Exporting Tables Containing Non-English Characters

Tables containing non-English characters can be exported in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Caspio XML formats. However, Comma Separated (CSV) text files do not support non-English characters.