You can change the status of a single event or all events in a webhook to pause and restart sending webhook messages depending on your needs. This option is available both in the Caspio platform and through REST API for individual events or for all the events in a webhook. 

The available statuses for webhooks and events are: 

  • Active – messages are generated and sent to the outgoing URLs. 
  • Inactive – messages are not processed at all. 

A webhook is active when at least one of its events is active.

Steps to activate or deactivate events

  1. In the left panel on the main screen, click Webhooks 
  2. In the list of webhooks, hover over a webhook that you want to edit, and then choose how you want to change the status of events:
    • To change the status of all the events for that webhook, click More and select one of the activation options:
      • If you want to activate all the events in this webhook configuration, select Activate.
      • If you want to deactivate all the events in this webhook, select Deactivate, and then, in the confirmation dialog box, click Deactivate.
    • To change the status of a single event, click Open. On the Events tab, hover over an event that you want to activate or deactivate, click More and select an action.

    You can also change the event status in the Edit event panel, by selecting or clearing the Active checkbox.

The State column shows the updated status of the event or webhook, depending on your choice.