An important feature of Caspio DataPages is that they can be modified with ease. When you open a DataPage in edit mode, all your existing configurations are displayed and can be changed.

Steps to modify a DataPage:

  1. Select your desired DataPage in the DataPages listing and click Edit. The DataPage Wizard opens and you will be able to modify the configuration of the existing DataPage.
  2. Step through the wizard one screen at a time to find the area you want to modify.
  3. You can use the << or >> buttons at the bottom of the wizard to navigate quickly to a specific screen.
  4. Once you have made your desired modifications, continue to the end of the wizard and click Finish to save.
  5. Your changes should take effect immediately.  There is no need to re-deploy the DataPage.
  6. Modifying a DataPage follows similar steps as creating a DataPage.