In Caspio Bridge, you can monitor your current usage, including the amount of DataPages, storage, auto emails, and data transfer used in comparison to the limit.

To access usage statistics, navigate to the main menu bar at any screen of Caspio Bridge, click Account, and choose Usage and Billing.

Under the Current Usage section, you can view your usage statistics.
To learn more about the elements in the Current Usage section, see below:


The fundamental building blocks of your apps, DataPages are the interface between your data and the outside world, Read to learn more about DataPages.

Data Records

Number of records stored in your database tables.

File Storage

Storage capacity for all files hosted in your Caspio account.

Auto Emails

Automatic emails are generated by your Caspio  forms, apps and scheduled tasks. Automatic emails can be triggered whenever an action is performed within a DataPage such as a submission or a modification of a record.  Email Notifications can also be sent when scheduled tasks are completed successfully, or when a task has an error, warning or failed to complete.

Data Transfer

Whenever your end users submit or retrieve data through your apps, data is transferred between Caspio’s servers and the user. The accumulation of data transferred in each interaction through apps, APIs, and import/export determines your monthly data transfer. Each package includes pre-allocated data transfer. If the data transfer limit for the month is approached, you will receive a courtesy email so that you can decide whether you want to add more data transfer as an add-on to save money. Refer to the pricing information on data transfer.